And Baby Makes Three Layout (Scraplift)

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And Baby Makes Three Layout (Scraplift)

Thanks onlyn2urmoney (Michelle) for the inspiration for this layout!! I saw yours and a layout popped into my head, fully formed! It took a long time to get it to look like the vision in my head, but I really love how it turned out!

Vintage Photo frames - Katie Pertiet
Notebook Papers 2 - Katie Pertiet
So Lovely paper - Meredith Fenwick
Stamp Edges Frames - Linda Gil Billdal
Cardboard Maniac - Linda Gil Billdal
Beaded Letters Alpha - Kimberly Giarrusso
Lifted Paper Flowers - Katie Pertiet
Denim Fringe Ribbon (recolored) - Katie Pertiet
Hint at it Brushes - Lynn Grieveson
Have a Heart elements - Pattie Knox
Staple - Lovely Things Elements - Traci Sims

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that is adorable!

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That is adorable!

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Super cute Smile that makes me thrilled that being a beginner I could give someone ideas.

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very nice Biggrin

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Too darn cute! I love the title!!

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So cute!

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I am so stealing that idea. So cute!

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Well done! I love the whole idea of this one! Biggrin