Baby shower centerpieces...CC please (pic heavy)

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Baby shower centerpieces...CC please (pic heavy)

I made these "bouquets" for my friend's baby shower. I only assembled one so far, because I am not sure about the arrangement, if some should be higher, lower, etc. I wanted it to look okay from all angles, since I believe the tables are round. I realize you can't see EVERY shape from each angle, but you can see most. The only thing I was thinking was make the "it's a boy" higher so some of the other shapes aren't blocked or make it lower so that the shapes stand out above it. I dunno...I have been looking at it too long Lol So, any thoughts...make "it's a boy" higher, lower, leave it as is, other ideas? Thanks in advance ladies.

Oh and sorry for being quite MIA lately... Last weekend and this weekend I spent a grand total of 15 hours (At least...I stopped counting officially) painting the walls and trim in our living room, entry way, and hall surrounding our bedrooms/bathroom. So, I am tired of painting, and really want to get back to paper crafts/scrapbooking. We are also preparing to leave for vacation on Friday. So, hopefully after vacay, I will be back on a more regular basis.

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oh, that's really cute! yeah, I'd put the "it's a boy" higher than the rest, but I don't think you need to go crazy worrying about the individual heights of the others. I really like how that looks!

I hear ya on the painting, that's a lot of work. And I want to get back to scrapbooking too. Actually, I'm in the middle of a layout, but I cut my finger and had to come up here to get a bandaid ... 90 minutes later, I'm still on the computer and it's after midnight. So I have insanity to blame for not scrapbooking right now. Need to go!

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Yeah, I agree to make the wording higher than the others, but also think it's okay as it is. What a neat idea and they're very cute too. TFS

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I would just put it's a boy higher and then PERFECT- O! Those are just so cute, what a great friend you are.

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So cute! What a good idea...I'll probably steal something similar. Wink