Baby shower gift

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Baby shower gift

So my cousin is pregnant and I thought I'd put together an album for the baby (gender neutral, as they aren't finding out the sex). I did this for Karl, so it shouldn't be too hard.

I'm caught up on what size and how to design so it is easy for her to just slap the pictures down. Do you do a variety of horizontal/vertical?

Any pics of examples would be appreciated!

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i would definitely do a mixture of horizontal and vertical. certain pictures tend to be a certain format.....

like what pages do u already have planned out?
if u are doing 1st pictures they can be both horizontal and vertical when in the hospital
the mom and me, dad and me, my parents and me, etc tend to be horizontal... especially the more people you put in the pictures the more it has to be horizontal.


that's a great baby shower gift i'm sure she'll love it

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Thanks Brittany, those are some great suggestions. I'm still kind of formatting how I want it to be. I definately need to list out what each page will be. I'm going to go through Karl's book and look for more ideas.

Some ideas I have (not sure how many pages per topic):
how we found our - space to journal feelings
hospital/ your here
People who love you
growth/weight chart
bath time
first food
sitting up
favorite toy
favorite book
first bday
Last page will be a comparison from birth to 1 year

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i think that is an amazing gift. i would also try to make a page for funny faces or something cute and funny that the baby might do, does that make sense? well, i like those kinds of pages atleast! lol

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Thanks Ashley, that's a great idea. One of my favorite pages of Karl is about his smile, so I'll definately do that!

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That will be a great gift.

I find that 80% of my pictures are horizontal.