Baby Shower (pic heavy)

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Baby Shower (pic heavy)

Thought you ladies would enjoy seeing these since there are lots of crafts and stuff included. My shower was yesterday and I was amazed at all the details and creativity that went into it. The first picture is me with my 3 hosts/friends.

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so cute! love all the crafty touches Smile and love getting to see the are you this far along already?!?! time flies Wink

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Wowzers!! There is a TON of creativity there. I guess someone has a cricut??? How did they do those plates? I LOVE that clothesline too. Awesome! You are truly blessed girl!

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SO CUTE!!! I LOVE the banner and the line!!!

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that looks like it was a ton of fun! i love the banner with the baby's name on it! and those plates are awesome!!

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The plates are just clear ones from the dollar store with a cricut cut-out attached to the bottom. Smile Very simple, and perfectly adorable.

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Very nice!!

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I love the clothesline theme!

It looks like you got a ton of stuff!

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that is an awesome baby shower!!! So happy for you.

You look amazing. Looks like baby natalie got a lot of good stuff. Love all the decorations for her as well. The diaper cake.... AWESOME!!!

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Congratulations & what a fantastic baby shower!

The clothes line idea is absolutely adorable! How cute & clever. You're gonna have to scrapbook these pix ... what a wonderful way to welcome your new baby.

Can't wait to see your baby pix!

Hugs & smiles,

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What sweet friends you have! Looks like they put a lot of work into it! And I love the name you have picked out!!

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is she a Natalie? I had no idea!!!! I hope she's not like my Natalie ... your Andrea seems so calm and my Natalie is a whirling dervish. ha ha ha I love my Natalie, but she drives me up a wall with her emotional antics.

anyhow, I digress ...

love the shower pictures! that looks like a great time. and the clothes lines are so clever! you look wonderful too. Smile

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Gwen, somehow I just don't expect my second girl to be quite as calm as the first Wink