Baby Showers

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Baby Showers

I have THREE baby showers this weekend! Two yesterday and one at 4pm today. It's kept me soooo busy. LOL Tons of fun, but lots of work. The one shower I threw for my friend who hates pink I did all the decorating myself. Here are some pics.
Because I DON'T decorate cakes (wish you lived here Linda!!!!) I rolled fondant, cut circles, then topped it with some cuts from the cricut:

The cake matched the invites I did. I could kick myself for not taking a pic of them. They turned out sooo cute....Black and red framed layered over Kraft with that cut and a red ribbon. If I get one of them I will take pics.

As centerpieces I bought flowers and made these to go in them:

They doubled as door-prizes. Smile Saved money that way! Smile

The entrance of the building we rented. The marquee is in need of repair, but I stuck the announcement in there anyways.

And I never snapped a pic of the card I made her, but here she is holding it up.

And some cards. I made this first one for my friend MaryAnn.


For Sarah:

Holden's 6 month birthday is monday

and a baby shower card for the girl we are doing today

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Charys your cards are amazing! LOVE the inside of the "We need a card date" Card. Simply Amazing! You are such a talented woman!

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Charys, you are really amazing lady! I can believe your creativity AND how much you do. The baby shower is amazing and I love all your cards.

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Love all the things you did for Dayna's Baby Shower... just amazing!!! Would have never thought to do a red and black color scheme but it looks awesome!

Great job on all the cards as well. You never cease to amaze & inspire me

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Whoa you've been busy! What amazing card that one for your friend is with the chicks...OMG!! IT is amazing Charys! You are so sweet to do that for your friend's shower. See, I don't know the first thing about decorating for a shower. Smile TFS girl.

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Wow!! You have been super busy! How do you do it!?! I love the centerpieces. And your card date card is AMAZING, I especially like the brads for the drawer knobs! So cute. What a beautiful card for your sister.

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that cake looks awesome!!!!! and I love the decorations. the card date card has so much DETAIL! how do you find time to do that? I'm supposed to be scrapbooking right now and I'm totally distracted reading posts here instead. Wink

Sarah's card is beautiful. how is she today?

little dear is downright adorable!

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I love the color scheme of the baby shower. If I have to throw one again I think I would copy it. I love non-traditional colors for baby related stuff.

The cards are adorable too. That is a lot of detail in the card date one, and the one for your sister is so elegant.

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These are so great! Love the cake and the card date card is FAB!

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What amazing cards!!!! I LOVE the card date one and what a sweet sister you are! I saw that card on Sarah's blog. I am currently planning my younger sisters shower so thank's for the inspo!