A Baby is Wonder, Hopes and Dreams

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A Baby is Wonder, Hopes and Dreams

A friend of mine gave me this adorable paper last week, so I had to go back and print a couple pics of Kayson while he was in the hospital after he was born and do a page. Look how little he was! Sorry about the terrible picture quality, it's been raining for two days, so I couldn't take it outside.

The stars were cut from my Cricut.

And here's a Valentine's Day card I made using ALL Cricut. The two hearts were cut from George cart, bracket from Fabulous Finds, and letters from Alpha. Smile

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LOVE your use of the stars - I think they really set off the photos (which are ADORABLE, btw). That valentine is really special too ... I may have to scraplift that one now! Smile


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The baby page is awesome! Great job!

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I absolutely love that baby page! I think the details of the buttons and stars really add a lot. You have a great style. Nice heart card, too!

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Awww, Charys! that is so cute! You did a great job on using that paper. The stars turned out perfect. And yes, he was so little and sweet.

The valentine is great. Wish I could do all that!

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beautiful! love that first page with a tiny Kayson. and what a beautiful card! did you use the markers with the cricut to cut LOVE?

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"coolmama72" wrote:

did you use the markers with the cricut to cut LOVE?

I don't have the markers yet, so I just used a black ink pad and a q-tip to ink the edges. Do you have the markers? I've been looking at them and would love to get some!!

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I got the markers two weeks ago ... they're still in the package, can you believe that?!

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I have the markers but haven't used them yet! I love the way you outlined those letters!

How did you do the outlines of the stars with the cricut? With the center cut out?

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on the George cart, you can actually outline anything with the "Silhouette" setting. You can do that with any of the shapes...hearts, stars, rectangles and all the letters. It cuts it out like that. I love that setting!!

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I love the buttons! Kayson was so tiny!!

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great LO

yes he was so tiny and so adorable

you are really making me want to get a cricut now.... gotta keep my eye out for the best deal

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the page is wonderful and the card is so pretty

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I LOVE that first page. I love seeing our LO when they were first born. So sweet. Biggrin That valentine is just beautiful! I soooo need a Cricut! Maybe income taxes! Wink

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Great lo and card. I love the stars. I saw the cricut markers at walmart, they had a set of black and then a set of colors.

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Adorable!! Especially the wee boy Biggrin

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Gorgeous! I have that paper but had absolutely no idea how to use it. You are so crafty!

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