Baby's First Year Pre-Made Scrapbook (Link to pictures) xp

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Baby's First Year Pre-Made Scrapbook (Link to pictures) xp

Ok ladies, well ... I did it. At least for the most part. I've been working on Isabelle's first year scrapbook for about almost a month now and I have all the way through Easter of next year complete. It's been so much fun to do the pre-made pages and not worry aout the pictures ... just laying down the papers and stickers and such. (It's also been really fun doing it in the last couple of days because this little girl has been dancing around in my belly like crazy!) However, I cannot wait to get pictures of her on these pages. I have taken a picture of every page (mostly in 2-page form). If you are bored and would like to look at the pictures, please do so! I put them in a photobucket album so that I didn't have to bog this thread down with 25 pictures Smile

The pictures show the pages as they would be if you were looking through the book from beginning to end. I have to apologize for my belly showing up in some of them :rolleyes:. Not all of the pages have titles, so I have included a mini description of each of the pages to explain what I'm planning on using them for.

If you see something wrong with the way the pages are set up or have any suggestions, please let me know Smile

Thanks for looking!

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WoW! You have been busy! My favorite page is on the move! Did you draw those arrows? Damien is 8 months and I am not nearly as far:eek: I can't wait to see your book again once it is filled!

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It will be so much fun to fill the book, I bet time will fly and one day you'll be amazed that you are throwing in the 12 month old pics already. I love the bringing home baby one, great colors. That paper next to the bath time page with the giraffe is really cute too.

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Thanks Smile

tialee - yes I did draw the arrows. I'm so excited to see the pages filled, too Smile That's one of the reasons I took pictures of all the empty pages so that I could see comparison of how the pictures add to the page and stuff like that.

andy - That giraffe paper, I actually did nothing to it. it goes with the bath page though because we registered for a pink/yellow giraffe hooded towel and slippers, haha.

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What a treat that was to get to see all the pages you've done! You've been so busy! You are so prepared and ahead of the game....great job on all of them! Thank you for sharing them with us! (You know you'll have to share them all again when you put the photos in them right?!) Wink

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Wow!! Those are so great! Congrats on being done...such great work!!

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Looks GREAT! Good for you getting so far ahead!!!

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:eek: Busy bee are we?! Those look amazing and give yourself a pat on the back from me. You did so good!