Back from Hawaii (XP, OT)

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Back from Hawaii (XP, OT)

Well, as I'm sure you have noticed, I'm back. I'm supposed to be paying bills right now, but can't help but post Lol

We had a good time. I slept as much as my preschooler though - going to bed early and taking naps. That part wasn't fun, but we spent hours and hours in the water. It was great. DH and I saw giant sea turtles and snorkeled. My daughter was a little fish in her life jacket. It was a nice break. Can't say I'm happy to be home.

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Those pictures are great. I bet you had a wonderful time. It sounds so nice.

When I was pregnant with Allie I slept like that! You just can't get enough sleep when pregnant!

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I saw your photos on Facebook and it looked like sooo much fun! I can't believe how well Andrea does in the water. So cute! It looked like heaven. So glad you had a great time. Now we get to see these memories scrapped. Wink