Back from hospital update post 15

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Back from hospital update post 15

Well good news and very bad news. The good news is it was not a baby. Yes, I want to get pregnant so bad but not this time as I knew something was wrong. The bad news is I have a condition that as the Dr. came right out and said...''could make me bleed to death'' I will be fine. I am picking up meds tonight to stop the bleeding but the bad news is I HAVE to be on birth control also and I can't stop taking it or I will start bleeding again bad. I am sad cause Justin and I wanted one more child. Now this means I can't become pregnant Sad Atleast not till this condition gets better if it even will? My Dr. called me at the hospital so I could not ask all my questions cause I was on a phone in the very public lobby. I am glad I caught it but so sad that I can't get pregnant. I know that might sound selfish as I have 4 kids but I just wanted one more. I am going to call my regular Dr. in the morning to get some more info on what this is called. I did not hear the Dr. when he said the name of it on the phone. Thankyou to all of you for all of your support it really means a lot.

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Hugs Tia!!!!!

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I am sorry to hear that you are not going to be able to have another LO right now but so glad you found out about this now before things got worse. So please make sure that you keep up with your meds. Once you find out the name of the condition. Let us know. :bigarmhug:

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I will pray that your body can heal naturally and soon. I'm sorry you're having to put of TTC for now, but I'm so happy you didn't have an ectopic pregnancy! I was so worried. Praise the Lord. Hugs to you!

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Oh Tia I'm so sorry you have to put of TTC but I'm so glad you are going to be ok. ((hugs))

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I'm so glad it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy and I'm glad that they were able to diagnose it before it was too late. I hope that things will heal so that you are able to have another child. HUGS

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I'm glad to hear that it wasn't a pregnancy, but so sad to hear that the news wasn't good. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

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"MommyCB" wrote:

I will pray that your body can heal naturally and soon. I'm sorry you're having to put of TTC for now, but I'm so happy you didn't have an ectopic pregnancy! I was so worried. Praise the Lord. Hugs to you!

I can't put it better myself.

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and like Charys said, I'm really glad that it's not an etoptic, that it's something that you can control right now. Because your family needs you. I'm very relieved that this bleeding thing was caught in time, before it could really hurt you.

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Oh my! I've been away for a few weeks. I hope that they are able to get this under control. I'm sorry that you are going to have to put ttc off for a while.

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I hope that the condition is under control soon then. I'm also very glad it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. Rest up, I'll continue to think and pray for you. Thanks for updating us quickly, I was pretty worried about you.

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Hugs! So sorry about the bad portion of the news.

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Hugs Tia!

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So glad you're ok and caught it in time. Sorry you have to put ttc off...I hope you can get more info and it might be a possibility in the future! :bighug:

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:bigarmhug: Tia!! I am so sorry to hear you are having to put TTC on hold, but happy to hear you are well for now. Please KUP on what you find out okay?

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Thanks girls, I am better now. I broke down last night and I don't really know why. I mean I guess just a lot to go through in one day. I almost did not go in yesterday cause my Dr. was not in but I just had this feeling that I should. I got home and just hugged my babies being so thankfull that I have them and did not get this sooner in life. I called the Dr. back who is out today so they gave me another Dr.'s nurse. I asked if he noted what I had and she said that all she read was that my ovaries were enlarged. I have an appt. with my gyno next week so I hope to get more answers then. Like will this go away??? Will I be able to have another baby? I am just pretty confused right now??? I also hate the fact that I can gain weight with the birth control. I know that should be the least of my worries right now. When I asked the Dr. if there was any kind of bc that would not make me gain weight he said well you can take it or bleed to death:eek: I would never had asked if I knew at that point that it was so serious. I hope to talk to my Dr. next week and figure everything out more. Thank you all again for all of your support. Maybe I should scrapbookj. I am sure I could make a great pg right now lol!


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Oh, Tia, I am so sorry! No matter how many children you have, if you want another and are told it's an impossibility, that is sad. I'm glad it's not an etopic pregnancy, but I hope the dr is wrong and you're able to go off the birth control at some point in the future to get pregnant again.

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I am so sorry that the bleeding is preventing you from having another baby but I'm so glad to hear that it was caught and you can take medication to stop it! ((((((HUGS)))))

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Tia, I'm just so grateful your okay. Bleeding is no fun. Trust me, I have to be on BC because of that too, not that my doctor ever said I'd bleed to death, but I have been on BC since I got my period when I was 14 except when I was TTC and even then it was insanely horrible where I'd bleed every few days. I'm on depo provera now, so I have NO period, and thats the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it.

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Tia, I am glad they got it figured out but I'm sorry you might not be able to ttc again. Hopefully when you go to your regular OBGYN they will be able to give you a more definite answer and more explanation of what it is exactly and what the future holds.

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I am sorry to hear you are having these problems. I hope the doctor can get a handle on things and this is something they can still correct so that you can have another child. We will be thinking about you. hugs

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It must be horrible being in limbo, not knowing exactly whether you will be able to have another baby. It's right that no matter how many you have it would still be shocking news to be told there's a chance you can't have any more.

I'm really glad it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy though sweetie. :giveflower: