Back from the INDIANA SHOOT!

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Back from the INDIANA SHOOT!

Hey gals I am back from Jazzy's shoot. We were in Indiana all weekend. I REALLY need to clean and unpack but where's the fun in that! The shoot went good. We were on a beautiful farm. Jazz did 3 looks. She had this huge puffy tutu on with a fitted white T and converse type hightops and they put her in front of the chicken coop (sp?) with all the white feathers everywhere. It was so cool! Her 2nd look was in skinny jeans, and a brown jacket and she was with a huge beautiful horse. For the third look she had on a light pink ruffle shirt jeans and barefoot. They put her up on a huge rusty tractor with her feet up to the side. She had her hands on the steering wheel and her head to the side laughing. I can't wait for the cd! I think the pics will be amazing. I wish so bad that I could have taken my own pics but the people there were kinda stuck up so I did not try. The director and photographer were very nice but the rest of them you could tell did not normally style for kids. They style celebrities and stuff so I think it was amature for them or something. Oh well, it was still cool. I did get pics from the hotel and hope to soon have time to scrap again. Ihave been so busy latley that I hope life slows down for a bit now. Well off to catch up on you all! ttys

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Sounds great! Will we be able to see these pics when you get them? Or are they top secret? Wink I saw J in a Kohl's ad the other day and thought of you. Smile

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That sounds so cool. What an amaxing experience for all of you. Will you be able to post the pictures? I bet they look great!

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yes!!!! I get to post them! I wil as soon as I get them. Carrie, do you know if it was this weeks ad cause I missed it?

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That is so neat! Smile Can't wait to see them when they eventually come out!

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Can't wait to see them! I am so excited for you guys! I am sure she enjoyed it too!

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"tialee" wrote:

Carrie, do you know if it was this weeks ad cause I missed it?

I'm not sure... I picked it up in our school library one day and was looking while I was waiting to talk to the librarian. It may have been months old for all I know! Lol

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The pictures sound so cool!

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awesome!! I can't wait to see the pictures!

I didn't get a Kohls ad this week, strange. But she hasn't been in the last 2-3 that we've gotten. I look every time for her. Smile

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So fun!!! What an experience for both of you Smile :) Smile

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I bet that was so cool! Glad you are home safe and sound.

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I can't wait to see the pictures. They sound amazing!