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    Default back to scrapping-nursery is on hold.

    Well after all my work painting my nursery and shopping in only 2 days for all the decor, I still don't have my crib. I ordered my crib almost 2 weeks ago and then cleaned , painted, and hung up everything like a mad women so all would be ready when the crib arrived. ( I prev posted my old sb room turning into the nursery) Well, last night I called and babies r us sent my crib to CALIFORNIA! They were trying to deliver my 400.00 crib to someone else and im in Wisconsin. I know mistakes happen but i'm a pregnant mom in her nesting stage and I need it to finish my room. It's like finishing a puzzle only to find out your missing a piece. They figured out the confusion but now I have to wait another week or so. I guess I will start scrapping again and take a break from the mad cleaning. I have so much inspo now from looking at everyones pages posted from this weekend.

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    Awww, I'm sorry about your crib!!! We actually didn't have our crib until 3 months after Tyler was born. Then it sat in the box for another month until finally I told DH, we needed to start having Tyler sleep in his own room. He slept in the bassinet in our room or the pack n play in the family room till about 4 months. It worked better that way anyways b/c his room is upstairs and he still woke up sometimes (was STTN at 2.5 months w/o feedings)!
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    well sorry to hear about your crib.....

    but yeah to more inspiration for scrapbooking and more scrapbooking time

    good to hear they are getting the crib to you... did they offer any sort of compensation for the mishap? they really should for a big mess up like that...

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    Oh, that really stinks. I'm sure you were anticipating it so much. I'm glad it got figured out, but still that week must seem like forever in the future.

    Hope you use this time to make some fantastic pages!
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    Argh, about the crib! Don't mess with a nesting momma! Sorry! Atleast it's only one week and it will be here before you know it. just more time for you to scrap.
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    omg how crazy!! I hope you get your crib soon.
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    Good thing you called about it!!! I hope it comes soon now so you can put the finishing touches on your nursery.

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    Ohhh...I would have been super ticked!! But atleast you will have some days to fill with scrappin'

    I hope they figure out the crib drama soon! I would complain until they give you something for your aggravation...preggo woman can be very persasive


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