Is it bad....

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Is it bad....

That I spent a bunch of money at Michaels because I got gift cards for the grocery store?

I figured I had saved so much money at the grocery stores between my four gift cards that my family and boss got for us, that I could spend some extra at Michaels. I got Four new stamps, three new embossing powders and five new ink pads. I only spent about $75 when all was said and done because the stamps were all 40% off. My sister just shook her head.

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Ok, Erin, now that's funny. I have yet to find the Lucky's giftcard my Mom got us for x-mas (don't know if I'll ever find it and not very happy about that), but I got a $70 gift certificate for Richard's, I guess it works out the opposite for me. LOL

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LOL Aja. I got a $100 for Lucky and $70 for Trader Joe's.

So I figure I'm really saving money by only spending $75 at Michaels. Because I would spend a lot more than that at the grocery store.

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I think that's a GREAT idea!! LOL

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ahahaha. We totally do the same. Just yesterday Wayne and I were talking about how we could spend extra on "goodies" in Walmart (chips and chocolate) because dinner was paid for on our restaurant gift wonder I never get ahead Lol

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"captainswife" wrote:

no wonder I never get ahead Lol

Ditto to that! I looked up how much I spent on digi-scrapping last year ... and here I thought I was saving money by being digi!! Smile

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that's soooo funny! Sounds like something I would totally do. Wink

And I hear ya on the whole "no wonder we never get ahead"....

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Hey I think we're all guilty of the same thing Wink You go ahead and feel good about it Wink

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LOL. I don't think it's a bad idea at all!