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Bad Scrapper

Needless to say I'd rather buy scrappy stuff than album stuff. Here is a almost a years worth of Lay outs. I bought spots for 170 pages and I still have a stack to put up... Hobby lobby needs to keep more page protecters in stock!

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hehehe!!! At least your getting the pages done!

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Wow!! So you can actually buy a page already put together and all you have to do is add pages to it? That's cool!

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my stack looks like that too. Glad I'm not the only one not putting them in page protectors and a book. lol. theyre just so expensive!

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:eek: LOL!!! That's a lot of pages girl!

hmmmm, I don't remember seeing that many posted pics on here?? J/K of course, but I would love seeing more from you.

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Books are expensive!!! I will only buy them on sale. Try ebay or, they sell a set of 5 books for $50! $10 for a 12x12 book is pretty good. I'd like to see some of them pages too!! Wink

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Busy busy mama!!! Where in OK are you?

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I bought 12 leather black books with page protectors for 115.00 on ebay a few months ago. You should check there.

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I've got a stack like that too of my printed digital layouts, my problem is that once I put them in pages, I do another one and then have to rearrange them all so they're in order (I don't scrap in order, but I like them in the albums in order). More than 170 pages is a lot of pages you've gottendone!