Baking cookies (OT)

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Baking cookies (OT)

So I have a question for any of you who bake cookies for X-mas either as gifts or for yourselves. When do you start baking and how many do you make? I am wanting to give out a small bag of cookies to my family on Christmas Eve and then have enough for me. So it would be like 9 bags I guess, maybe a few more. I was thinking of checking if the dollar store sold x-mas bags that I could put them in with ribbon. I have four different cookie recipes I was going to try and figured I'd make like 3 dozen or so of each recipe. That would be like 130 cookies roughly. Is that too much, not enough??? And figured I'd hand the cookies out on x-mas eve so I'd start baking on like the MOnday before. Is that too soon? I've never really baked to give away before so I'm thinking all this through as I type. TIA for any and all help.

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I would just figure out how many of each type of cookie you want to put in the bags and then go from there. I usually made chocolate covered pretzels for Christmas and I make them usually a week or so before Christmas. So I will start working on mine next week probably.

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If you made 130 then it would give everyone, including yourself, a baker's dozen.

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Ugh my head hurts thinking about this. I want to make a bunch of cookies too but I haven't even begun to think of how many and for whom. Thanks for reminding me, I do need to get going on at least the planning.

Good luck with yours. I like Nancy's bakers dowzen idea.

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If you wanted to get it done sooner you could also freeze them - that's what I do, I've already started my Christmas baking and it's in the freezer.

BTW Carrie - I don't know if my messages have gotten thru to you, I PM'd you last week and sent an email, can you drop me a line, pretty please??? Smile With sugar on top?

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130 sounds good to me. It all depends on how many you wanted to give away, etc. A dozen per family is usually what I give, so that's about right. Walmart usually has some great deals on little baskets/bags for like .50 cents each. I get mine each year after Christmas for less than 10 cents each and save them. Just a thought for next year....

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I have no advice, but I came across this on the Martha Stewart page tonight and thought of you. Don't know if it would be any help or not!