bald is beautiful! LO

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bald is beautiful! LO

Here's Cadence and her balding grampa together.. Lol

I have this week off for Spring break - so I'm hoping to get a few pages done! I even took some pictures of "my favorite..." now I just gotta get them developed, scrapped, and posted! Smile Enjoy!

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Oh that is so funny! I love it!! Smile Totally made me laugh!

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Lol That is so funny!

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That's a great idea!! Cute LO!!

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LOL..cute LO!

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ROFL That is PERFECT! I love everything about it! Biggrin

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That's awesome! I love it.

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That is too funny! I love it!!!

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That is great!

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OMG! How totally precious!!!! That'll be one to bring out when she starts dating!!! Smile


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saved immediately to my scraplift folder! love everything about this layout, Linda. and the title and viewpoint of Cadence and her grandpa in the picture is awesome!

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I really did LOL when I saw this -it's funny! Love the matching bald spots -priceless photo!