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baptism page help

Do any of you have any pages from a baptism or any other relgious event that you can post a pic of? I'm having a hard time finding inpiration.

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Here's a layout using the portraits with Natalie's baptism gown. I cut the cross from brown paper.

Here's her baptism page

And Jordan's baptism page

Andrew's baptism

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Sorry, no help here. Gwen those are great! I hope you can get some great ideas!

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Gwen, those are so sweet! I really love the fact that you did all three!!

I have a dedication page (our church doesn't infant baptize) and I will take a pic of it tomorrow. It was one of the first 5 pages I ever made. Smile

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wow Gwen! you are a one-woman inspiration shop! those are all so lovely. I'll see if I can get a pic of Loli's naming ceremony - it's not near as nice as Gwen's stuff though.


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Nice to see those pages, I've been struggling to do Kaitlyn's christening page since it happend (in April!!!!)

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Here is Karl's baptism (double spread) (okay I'll update tonight...)

Here is part of our first nephew's, they used this shell for the baptism. I'll try to get a pic of the whole page later.

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Here are a few of mine, nothing special I just kept them real simple. Plus I couldn't find any free baptism stuff online......

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Here is the one I did for Matthew. I did one for Bradley as well that I don't have a pic of, I will see if I can a pic of it today before work yet.

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I know you already posted your completed LO, but I wanted to share mine as well: (It's a double page LO.)