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Baseball story LO

I'm posting this LO in the journaling challenge. I'm not 100% thrilled with the way it turned out, but I stayed up waaaay too late working on it not to enter it! LOL. My main issue with the page is that I had printed the story on tan cardstock the first time, and then I decided to use yellow so it would match the baseball bat in the picture. Well, yeah, it matches, but it is VERY yellow! Lol Wish I would have stuck with the tan. Oh, well! I'm not about to pull off the million pop dots and re-do the stitching, so I will just have to live with it! Smile

This LO is to preserve a silly story that I made up for Evan one day, and of course now he loves it and I have to tell it all the time. Just thought it might be fun to look back on in twenty or thirty years! Evan loves the LO and we have read it together (with him "reading" the picture words) about 4,000 times this morning! ROFL

And a close-up of the story/journaling. Hopefully it will show up good enough because I am feeling lazy and don't want to re-type it!

And a close-up of some of the details:


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Wow Katie, I love that page! The yellow is bright, but hey it's a great color for little boys. How did you do the little balls, trees, etc? It's such a cute idea.

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Holy COW Katie! That is AMAZING!!!! And I think the yellow is just perfect!!!! What an adorable story and great memory this will be!

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That may be the cutest LO I have ever seen!

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oh my goodness...cute!!....that just so rocks!:D:D

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Thanks ladies! I have a question I forgot to ask, too...see how the title is a question? I didn't put a question mark because I couldn't figure out how to do it without it looking weird (because "the baseball story" is set apart from the rest of the question). Anybody have any ideas about how/where to add one? It is bugging me that it's not there, yet I have no clue where to put it so it doesn't look out of place! Or would you just leave it alone?

"Avalon321" wrote:

How did you do the little balls, trees, etc?

I just drew them and then cut them out leaving a little space around them. The trees are the only thing I didn't freehand - I used the tiny Creative Memories punch that looks like a little splatter thing and I cut off some of the points that stuck out the farthest.

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Wow Katie!! I've been waiting to see some more of your work, and you did not disappoint with this one! Awesome LO! I love the yellow and think the whole thing is great. TFS

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this page is amazing! and the yellow is perfect! i love how loud the yellow is!! this is definitely one of my faves!

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WOW! What a great idea! You did an awesome job, I also like the stitching on the bottom and with the baseball at the top.

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WOW! This is my new fave of yours - I don't think it's too yellow at all, it's wonderful, I love how you did the journalling with all the little embellies, what a great idea!

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First, the yellow is perfect! It makes the layout pop really well!

And second, this is soooooo awesome! I love the story and the way you've told it with the little pictures is GREAT! And what a fun memory to capture, too. Something so everyday turned into a really cool story that will be remembered forever! Smile

Great job!

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Katie, this page ROCKS!!!!! It's probably my new favorite of yours (and that's saying a lot because I have many favorites of your pages Wink ).

I'd add a question mark that's big enough to be even with all three words "the baseball story" and pop it out next to that. like a big red one.

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PULEEEAZE for ME, would you try to submit this one?!?!? It's simply amazing!!!!! I'm stunned! I keep looking back at it. I love it so much!!! I'd frame it in his room if I were you!

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Amazing! Seriously, that is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Love that it is personal to the two of you as well as all the adorable elements, etc.

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I'm with Charys, definitely submit it somewhere, anywhere, but do it!

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That is such an awesome idea! I just love it!

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i LOVE it!!! oh my gosh its adorable!

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You have to submit that!!! just amazing!!!

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I can't believe I haven't replied to this yet, because I have come back to look at it like 5 times already. I LOOOOOOOVE this page! This is one of the best pages i have seen in forever. I am definitely going to lift it and very soon. I just have to find the perfect kit first. You definitely need to submit this one for publication. It's awesome!

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first I agree with the ladies that the yellow is PERFECT for this page. And this layout is just awesome. I love how you used pictures for some of the words. Just a great job.

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Thank you for all of the compliments, ladies!

Okay, so maybe this is a totally dumb question, but how exactly do you go about submitting a page? I mean, do I just take a picture of it like I would do to post on here?

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"kel-02" wrote:

Thank you for all of the compliments, ladies!

Okay, so maybe this is a totally dumb question, but how exactly do you go about submitting a page? I mean, do I just take a picture of it like I would do to post on here?

I think so. I was reading my Creating Keepsakes magazine earlier today, and it says to submit, just go to their website and click on Submit for instructions (of course, I guess I could have done that before typing this reply to check it out for you)

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WOW!!! This page is soo awesome! It's absolutely adorable and I'm sure Evan will really appreciate that you preserved this moment you guys had together when he gets older. Awesome!!

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I am absolutely totally in love with this lo!!! It seriously rocks!