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bath time LO

i really like this ... except for the background. i really would have loved a darker background, but the transparent font and crappy cutout of the duck limited me.

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Love it! I love the bubbles! They're adorable. Smile

Carson had a wonderful grin. Such a big smile!

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love it. thanks for sharing

love his adorable smile he really looks like he's having fun

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I love the clear title! This is darling! That smile made ME smile! Smile

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That is awesome! What font is that? I love it!

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awwww!! That is great!! I really like it!

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Soooo cute!! Smile

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Love the transparecy and the ducky. TFS

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that is really cute! and I think the duck looks good actually. Smile

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That is super cute. I really like the way you did the bubbles. Smile

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That is a great LO! I love the font.