Bazaar stuff

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Bazaar stuff

Sorry about the quality, my batteries were dieing and I was trying to hurry Wink So you have a bunch of cards, tags, rag rugs, blankies, jewelry, scrap pages, altered boxes, and some treats. I hope I sell some stuff!

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i am sure you will!
the tags and cards are great! and those treats look yummy! hehe

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you've got some great stuff there...hope you sell a lot Smile

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Hope you sell tons! KUP! Biggrin

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I LOVE the rag rugs!!! and well EVERYTHING!! I hope business is a success for you!! Smile

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I'm sure you'll sell lots, those look great!

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Very nice. I think you will sell most if not all of it. Good Luck!

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those look great

bet u will sell alot.

quick question....the thomas thing is that an album u did?

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Nice job! KUP!

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"Mommy2007" wrote:

those look great

bet u will sell alot.

quick question....the thomas thing is that an album u did?

Its a box I altered. I used to sell Univera, a health product, and it wasnt sucessful :roll: so I have all these boxes that I wont I tried altering them. That one turned out the best.

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wow, that's a lot of stuff! you've been BUSY! hope you're able to sell a lot. KUP!

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I see cupcakes! Good luck selling- it looks great. Smile

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Good luck!! I hope you sell all of your items :).

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Well thanks for all the good wishes ladies. We didnt get a good turn out. The lady in charge didnt advertise as well as she should have and since our neighborhood is tucked back there wasnt alot of traffic. But I did sell some treats and the pink rag rug to fellow vendors Wink 38 dollars worth at least. It was still fun to get out and visit with the other vendors and made a few friends.

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I'm just now reading this, and I hate to hear it didn't do as well as expected. You did an amazing job on all that stuff!! Wow!

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Just now seeing this too. Sorry it wasn't as productive as you had thought. I LOVE all of it. Bummer!!

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