Beach Layouts.. lots

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Beach Layouts.. lots

I decided to tackle the 100 pictures from the beach from the last 3 years. Thanks for looking. Most don't even have journaling.. strange for me. lol

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those are awesome. TFS

i think its totally ok when there isnt much journaling on these bc its a ton of photos from a beach vacation. not just a bunch of single events

love all the pps you used. great pics looks like you had lots of fun

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Those look great. I skip the journaling some times too! I love the paper on the Waipani page.

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these are all awesome!!

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LOVE all of it. What inspires you, seriously? I mean I look at these and jus wonder how in the heck you come up with such simple yet so neat LOs. Smile

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WOW! This post has my fingers aching to scrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow! Love them all!! I love the little ticket journaling on the first one...and I think the beach baby one is just AWESOME Biggrin

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Those are awesome! I just love your style.
I often skip journaling...sometimes the pictures just say it all.

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omg! Those are adorable!

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Do you know what I love best about your scrapbooking? Most of your layouts end up in my lift file and they inspire me to make cards. I love that. These are wonderful!

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these are all so beautiful! i agree that they don't really need journaling...and they look great b/c they have such cute papers, elements, etc. but aren't busy. awesome!

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I am loving these!!!!! looks like you had an awesome time at the beach and that your kids just had a blast. you don't really need to journal when the pictures capture so much.

and I'm with Carrie, I want to know where you get all of the awesome creativity!! I'm starving for it here.

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Absolutely precious! Just love that little picture with "aunt Dodi" - makes me smile. Your pages are great! Love the colors and simple but awesome layouts.