Beach Weekend (or, "how many pictures can I fit on one layout?")

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Beach Weekend (or, "how many pictures can I fit on one layout?")

I did this layout for the water challenge. It took a few days because once I realized what I wanted to do, I had to have more pictures printed. I got a square punch a few weeks ago and been using it sporadically. Then I got the brilliant idea to use it on photos to make my embellishment. So you'll see Jack's sandy foot in one square, the kids playing in the water in two more, plus assorted water and sand pictures (including one sand footprint, not sure if you can see that from here). I am so pleased with this layout!!!


Beach Weekend
An annual tradition was started in 2007, a weekend at the Carter beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware. It was a gathering of friends from high school plus kids (no husbands). This year I brought Jack & Jordan with me (Andrew & Natalie stayed home with Daddy), and we had a great time! It was Paula with Grace, Danielle with Ben & Abbie, Jen with Anna & Mary Clare, Crissy with Nick & Tommy, and Steph with Lauren & Matthew. It rained on Friday, but we had perfect weather for the actual weekend. The kids had a great time at the beach, we were there for hours on Saturday. Jordan loved the sand and the water … Jack, well he liked (eating) the sand, but he didn’t like the water one bit! Steph was determined to catch crabs on the canal, and bought plenty of chicken for the task. The kids loved crabbing, even though they freed the crabs they did catch. All of the kids got along, which was wonderful! The girls got along too well” the first night – they were up until 11 talking, and then up at 4:30 am with more chatting! And everyone loved Nick as there were several group hugs before we set out on Sunday. Jordan talked about Nick for days afterwards!
June 5-7, 2009


I have more layouts in the planning stage but now that school is out, I'm not sure when I will find the time. I counted, I have 38 layouts waiting for me to do. And the downside of my photography hobby is that I end up with more layouts that I want to create. Wink I'm not done my sewing yet either, I have a few projects I HAVE to get done this month. I have too many hobbies ....

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That is AWESOME Gwen!! My new fave of yours. The idea to do the pics as embellishments is GREAT and looks so cool! Love everything about this. So neat! And I have to say that the pic of him sleeping on the sand melts my heart. So sweet. TFS

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I completely LOVE this LO! I am going to scraplift it if that is ok!!! It's WONDERFUL and the pics of Jack crying on the left hand page is so cute!

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okay so that is FABULOUS!!:D:D my new fave of yours too! I totally thought you had gone digital when i first saw this!!:eek: I'm lifting as well!:D

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:eek::eek: AWESOME!!!!!! Wow Gwen!! This layout just rocks!

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Those pages look really great! You totally rocked it!! Great job Gwen! I'm so glad you had a great time at the beach! You don't know how lucky you are to have gone to Delaware, because If i would have read that you went to Virginia Beach without telling me, you would be a very sorry girl! ROFL

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thanks girls! Smile I had hoped to scrapbook today, but I just finished putting the kids to bed after a 6 hour block party across the street. Wink

Linda, don't you worry, I'd totally let you know if I was going to VA Beach!

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Love it, Gwen!!!!! Great job! Biggrin

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Great idea and page, Gwen! Love it!!!!!!!

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I coulda swore I already replied -- Lord knows I stared at all the little details and squares on your page for long enough! Smile It's a beautiful LO Gwen!

I'm in love with all your little squares and the little bits of the story they tell/moments they capture! And Jack crying in that top left picture is tooooo dang cute! He's got such chubber legs, too. I wanna hug him and squeeeeeeze him! Wink

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I love it! You did such a great job with putting so many pics on this LO!

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Gwen, I love this lo! I have been waiting to scrap the vacay pics from memorial day and now I know how. Great use of so many pics!!!

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this is really my new fave of yours. awesome job. i may have to go out and buy a square punch now. i need a circle one anyway i believe.

u just gave me some awewsome inspiration for our beach pics. i completely understand what you mean with 38 LOs planned out and not sure when u will get to do them. I started planning a ton the other day for this past week of scrapping with a close friend and i just couldn't stop. now just need the time.... isn't it always about finding time?

BUT GREAT JOB I really love your style. Do you have more pics from the weekend or r u just doing these? what else is in the works?

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You never cease to amaze me!!! Smile Love all the small photos showing the details, that idea is just awesome, and this is just so well put together!

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I absolutely LOVE that layout!

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This is SOOOO cool. Not your typical collage. I love the little stories in the small squares. They made my day and kept drawing me back to the page. I really dig this page!

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OH! I absolutely LOVE this!!!