Beautiful Little Baby Face LO

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Beautiful Little Baby Face LO

I have to thank Linda (LindieLu) for helping to get the journaling I wanted on this page!

I tried so many versions of this page along the way, I couldn't even count! LOL I tried different kits for different color schemes, varied the number of pictures, different edits of the pics, etc. I love digi for this reason. Wink But I think I'm in LOVE with the page now! I think it's the first page I will print out and frame to hang in our house.

In full size, the journaling is easier to read. "March 11, 2007 - The first time we saw your beautiful face free of tubes and tape." (btw, Caleigh was 5 days old in this pic)

Thanks for looking!

ETA: papers from Summer Driggs Year to Shine, stitch circle from Shabby Princess Urban Kiwi (recolored), and the alpha is from Vicki Parker's kit Dandelion Dreams (recolored). All of them are freebies (and all still available for download. Let me know if you want links).

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What a gorgeous photo, and I like what you did with it, the zig zag stitching is awesome!

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LOVE your color scheme here. Such a sweet layout! Glad Linda was able to help!

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It is beautiful. I think it is more than worthy of being printed and framed.

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Wow!!! You should be very proud, it is a gorgeous, sweet LO. TFS

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It turned out Great!!!!!! I'm gald I could help you out.

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"mommys" wrote:

It is beautiful. I think it is more than worthy of being printed and framed.

What she said.

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i think it looks great!!!

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very sweet! can we see a picture of it in the frame too? I love seeing the end results. Smile

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Love the pop of color! The pic you used is too cute!

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Oh my goodness, what a precious, precious moment/LO. I love it. I think you did such a good job on it. Biggrin This brought tears to my eyes.