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Beckie (wiltedrose)

Just wanted to say YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!

How have you lost all your weight? Smile

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awww thanks girl!!!! Biggrin

I had RNY gastric bypass on April 6th... which is a HUGE factor in my weightloss!!
I did lose 19lbs pre surgery though! and that was from drastically changing my life style and eating habits!

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I agree, you look fantastic Beckie!

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Oh man! I can't see your siggy picture! Sad

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you should post before and current photos. Wink but of course, I'm about to go stalk you on Facebook to see if that's where they are.

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you do look great! i saw the pics on fb!

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posting pictures for you ladies Smile

this is me on Christmas morning making breakfast... 310 lbs.

me a couple weeks ago before my brothers birthday party... 268lbs.

This is from last week at work... 260lbs...

Thank you everyone Biggrin

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WTG girl! That is awesome!