Been crafty.. just not scrapbooking :(

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Been crafty.. just not scrapbooking :(

Hope you guys don't mind me sharing this here....

I really wanted to do some scrapbooking last night but was unable to due to some IPhoto issues.. So I decided to do something else crafty..

I made a purse/bag last night. I finished it today and I like how it came out. It still needs a latch or a flap over the top but I can use it right now. It only took me two days so ya me Smile

Here is a picture of it.

It is also much smaller then my other one, so I might decide to make another one Smile who knows though.

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I really like that. That is great. I have to get my husband to do any sewing for me. LOL. I have no talent with the sewing machine.

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How cute!! I really wish I knew how to sew. TFS

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

How cute!! I really wish I knew how to sew. TFS

me too! cute bag Smile

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That's cute...and I can see it'll be so handy!

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I took it to work today and people commented on it saying the liked it Smile and one girl even wanted me to make her one

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I love it! Looks like an awesome bag for toting just about everything. Smile

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that looks awesome!!!!!

Instead of a flap, could you sew snaps just inside of thetop for a closure? That might be easier than a flap since you've already done the sewing.

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That's great! I wouldn't have been able to make that in a week, let alone 2 days!