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Been MIA

Hi ladies! How is everyone doing? I'm sure well Smile I haven't been posting on but this board is just too talented for me to stay away from.

I'm doing well and my scrapping is coming along, slowly! I've been trying to do 2-3 cards at a time for Christmas but Paxton has been quite the little turd lately and hasn't given me much extra time. My goal was to get his book caught up by the end of this year but I'm not sure that is going to happen.

I was asking everyone for Hobby Lobby gift cards for Christmas so I could get a cricut but my dad found out that I was saving for it and he and my mom are going to go in together! I am so thrilled and I'm still getting Hobby Lobby cards from everyone else (as well as for my birthday which is a week before Christmas) so hopefully some carts and the jukebox will go on sale Smile and I'll have all that extra for the fun stuff!

Anywho, I really draw inspiration from you ladies and I just don't want to leave this board!

Can't wait to get caught up Smile

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I'm so excited for your birthday and Christmas gifts. You will have lots of scrapping to do in the new year!

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Glad to see you! Yay for the Cricut. Hope you get a bunch of extras. Most of my christmas list this year involves scrapbooking supplies since I'm going to have two to work on now.

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Welcome back and yay for getting a cricut for x-mas. I'd be super excited about that! Hoping you can stick around and show us what you do with it.

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Glad you're getting the Cricut, and happy early birthday! Smile Can't wait to see some of your work!

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Glad to see you around Meg! YAY for getting a Cricut! You are going to LOVE it!!!

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hey! It's good to see you!

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Glad you are back! Biggrin I bet you are more than thrilled to be getting a Cricut! They help out so much! Can't wait to see some work!