Been playing around with digital.. (5 small LO's)

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Been playing around with digital.. (5 small LO's)

Hi girls! I've been lurking here and playing around with digital. None of my pages are very good and they are all comprised of free elements and things I've created, nothing bought yet because I want to get a feel for it before I blow as much money as I did on paper scrapbooking :oops:

Here you can see my progression from very crappy to not AS crappy Smile I made them smaller for posting so hopefully it didn't make them too fuzzy

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they look good to me!!!! i don't know how to digital scrapbook :oops:

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I personally think they are all GREAT! Thanks for sharing and coming out of lurking! Wink What a sweet boy you have there!

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Great job! I love the bouncer one. TFS

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You did such a great job! I love them all!!! My fav is a boy and his bouncer. actually no, it's a tie, they're all great!

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those are not crappy at all!!! i love them!!! and don't worry about not buying any online scrapbooking stuff... free is the way to go Wink love the backgrounds you used!

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Those are fabulous!! You did such a great job on them!
Your DS is so cute!!
Thanks for sharing them. Can't wait to see more!

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Jennifer, those are awesome! You're doing so good, especially for just starting out. My first pages were horrendous. ROFL Yours looks like you've been doing it for a while now, already! I especially love the bouncer one, but they are all great!

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Thanks girls Smile

I know some of you have seen them already (Brandi, Robin) but thats all I've got so far Blum 3

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I think they are great! They were not what I was expecting after your negative intro Lol I really like how you got so much on each page without it looking too busy. I have a hard time with that.