Been so busy but...

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Been so busy but...

Here is a LO I created to use on my myspace page for some up-to-date pics of Xavier. I just took these a week ago. We had just finally cut his hair (have to do it while he sleeps!) I have been working very hard on paper scrapping the last couple weeks and am hoping to have some to share in a week or so. I am very close to having his year one professional pics all scrapped!

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Goodness, he's so cute (and handsome!). I love the expressions you captured. Smile The truck is so cute.

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I love the way you put together your page. It makes you focus on each of the pictures.

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What a sweetheart! He has the cutest face ever! Cute pg also and I can't wait to see the paper ones.

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what a cutie!!!!!! love that last expression, just makes me smile.

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Aw, too cute! His eyes are so adorable - he's going to be a heartbreaker!

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I love those close up shots...really scrap well and I agree with PP, the layout of the page really helps you to look at each one individually. TFS

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Very nice LO! What a cutie!

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LOVE this LO! I love how you let the pics do most of the talking in this one! He's a ham!

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those colors are perfect and man is he a cutie pie!:D

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His eyes are stunning.

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He is so cute, love his expressions.

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Thanks for all the compliments! I am so lucky in that he doesn't take a bad picture. His expressions are priceless most of the time. And his eyes...well they get him out of trouble sometimes because he knows how to use them! My problem is that I have so many good pictures of him I don't know which ones to use...I am going to be scrapping them til I am 90!