Before I forget ...

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Before I forget ...

2 more new pages Smile

This is for the paper piecing challenge Smile Recognize anything?

And this one I just did because that is THE.CUTEST.ROBE.EVER. The challenge was to use NO white space, whatsoever. Talk about hard! (for me!)

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I love that second one! I'm gonna try to do something like this in paper Smile Great pages!

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These are both great, but omgosh that second one is so good! I really love it.

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I see on that first one!! Smile So cute!

And wow...that second page is so cool. Again, I want to lift this...

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I love the "faves" page! That will be so fun to look back on some day!

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these are awesome!! that 2nd one is really great! i can only imagine how hard it was for you to have no white showing!! having white showing is like your trademark Wink

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You can rock out any challenge girl!!! That is awesome! ANd you're right, it is a DARLING robe!!

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I love your pages! ANd the second one, you make it look easy not hard! I love it.

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oh, that first one ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the cutest robe ever is adorable, hooray for no white space. Wink

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I am lifting that first one for sure!!! That second one is so cute but I know how hard that must have been for you. Thats like me scrapping without pattern paper.