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Best Buddies

I hate taking pictures of my pages - they're either partially blurry or there's a glare on the photos. grrrrrrrrrr

Anyhow, this is just a really simple page. But I love how the ribbon adds an extra touch to it - and Andrew really loves it too.

I traced around all of the elements (except the ribbon) with brown pencil - doesn't show up as well in the photograph, but looks nice in person.

here's the journaling:

Andrew hit it off with 12 year old Coleman at the family reunion. They hung out all of the time, and announced that they were “Best Buddies”. Andrew even wanted to write it on his hand in permanent marker. It was so neat to see them getting along. I sure hope we don’t have to wait another three years before they can hang out again.
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That's great - simple and sweet! I love the ribbon.

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I like how it's not so busy that you lose your pictures! Looks great!

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That is too sweet! Biggrin I really like the ribbon!

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How sweet! And I can see the brown outline. It makes a difference. Good job!

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thats great!

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Very nice!!:D

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This is a very nice page Gwen. I really like the simplicity and I love the color of the background paper.