Beth, Linda, and Trina

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Beth, Linda, and Trina

I just wanted to share... you all now have your own folder inside my "scraplift" folder on my computer. ROFL I always try to save pics with the name of the owner so I can give credit later. All of you had several pics in my folder, so I just made folders for you. I was tired of naming things "Trina4" and "Beth3" etc. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

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awww... that's so sweet!! Thanks! What a great way to save the scraplifted pages.... I wish I was that organized! Smile

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LOL! That is funny.

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Not so funny, I have folders for several people on here lol. I think Tia's is the largest though lol.

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yeah, i decided when i get 3 from one person to go ahead and make a folder... there are several others who have 2 already... I need to go ahead and lift some of them! ROFL If I looked at most of your galleries, I'd probably have a lot more lifting to do! Hmmm... that gives me an idea for a post...

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awww! What a compliment! Thanks! Smile