Beyond Birthdays Cricut win

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Beyond Birthdays Cricut win

I "accidentally" won this cart on ebay :confused: I was reading the title wrong and thought the title had read "cricut AND cartridge" but it basically said cricut cartridge FOR cricut machines...anyhoo, I bid on it thinking that WHOA what a steal for the machine AND the cart, so I put my max bid at 30.00, still lower than what you can get at the store for the cart....but I was thinking it was the machine AND the cart Lol I didnt particularly LOVE the beyond birthdays, but its fine. I was holding out for one of the others. I know a few of you have this it worth it to keep it or should I try and resell? In the end I got it for 29.00 with shipping and tax.

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Yeah if you see a cricut for $29.00 something is wrong.

Okay so you don't love it, sell it. Put it up on CL for $30.

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I like Beyond Birthdays, it's a good cart, especially for cards

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I have Beyond Birthdays. I wanted it so when I do cards, it will come in handy. Came in handy w/ my x-mas cards last year.

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I really love my Beyond Birthdays cart, but I make so many cards! it's great for cards.

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I forget - do you have a Cricut? LOL If you don't have one, I'd sell it ... if not, keep it for awhile and see if it grows on you.

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I like my BB cart. It's got so many different things!