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big day - OT

I hope you don't mind me sharing my non-scrapbooking news.

DH has been deployed for 78 days and is due to return today ... hopefully all goes well. Thanks for letting me share and I hope to set some good pics because this is my plan for my technique challenge, LOL!

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Awww! Hooray! I hope it's a wonderful homecoming!

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Wow, what a great day!!!!!! Which branch of service is he in?

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How exciting!!!!

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Oh YAY!!!:bigarmhug::D I'm so happy for you guys!!:D

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That's WONDERFUL Joan!!! TFS such an important day in your life with us! :bigarmhug:

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Woohooo! Enjoy having him back again!

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Yahoo I hope he does come today! How exciting!

Give him a big hug and a big thank you from my family. We appreciate all he does. Biggrin

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Yahoo Waht a wonderful thing to be excited for. Please tell him thank you for his service from my family too! Hope it's a wonderful homecoming Joan.

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How exciting! I know exactly what that feels like, on both ends! My heart and hugs are with you guys Biggrin

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thank you so much ladies ... we are home, finally after a long day. he is Air Force, btw.

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So exciting! TFS this with us. I needed something to smile about.

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YAY! Congrats on the homecoming! Enjoy your time together!