big u/s!! OT

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big u/s!! OT

i had my big u/s today and im getting my GIRL!!!! YAY YAY!!! im so excited!! now i get to scrap with pink and girly stuff!! maybe that will get me out of my scrapping funk! Biggrin

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Have you picked a name?

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Congratulations! Better you with pink than me!! ROFL Can't wait to hear names!

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my son is so rough i dont know if i could handle ANOTHER rough one(it honestly made me really nervous!) ROFL i cant wait to hear names either!! oh wait...i have to choose them?! ahhhh!!! i hate the naming part! girl names are HARDD!!!

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You will love having a girl. Smile

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How exciting!!!

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Congrats!! That will get you out of your rut for sure. I feel bad cause I often scrap Jazz more cause it is so much easier to me to make girl pages.

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Congrats! Can't wait to hear names and see the pink pages you do Smile

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Yahoo!! I'm so happy for you! I have just lurked on your bb and seen the pics too! lol. What a cute little daughter you have Biggrin

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thanks ladies! Biggrin ive noticed that there is a TON of pretty girly paper at the craft stores!! now she just has to get here so i can start scrapping pink!

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that's awesome news, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats on your girl!!!! And who says you have to wait.......we definatly need a pretty pink page with u/s pics Wink

And your little bug is getting so big!!

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Congrats Ashley!

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congrats! I was so nervous when I found out I was having a girl. LOL.. my boy is totally wild, but it is what I am used to and I just didn't/still don't know how i will handle a girl lol.

Good luck picking a name!

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaay for pink! Smile