Biggest Loser Challenge -- new signups!

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Biggest Loser Challenge -- new signups!

Hello all!

We need some more scrapping mamas to join our team for the Biggest Loser Challenge!

There are two challenges -- a team points challenge and a weight loss challenge. You can do both challenges. Teams accumulate points through water, exercise, support, and good food choices. Weight loss is an individual challenge with nothing required but weigh-ins.

You can head here to check it out and/or sign up:

I thought I would add that the support and accountability make a HUGE difference in succeeding with weight loss. AND it's fun to have others along for the chatting and support!

Preggo mamas can participate.

Sign-ups close on Saturday May 2nd at 11pm.

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I think I'm going to pass this time around - I kinda fell off the wagon this time Sad

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oh i think i might want to join Biggrin how long do they last?

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i think its 8 weeks, Loida!

and i already signed up for the next round!!!

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I already signed up. We'd love to have you with us Loida!

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Okay, so how does this work? Do I sign up for only one? How does points work? Where do I have to sign up?

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I want to know how it works too and where exactly do I sign up Lol I think this would be good for me! Smile i need challenges to get me somewhere! Look at the last VC. I got ALOT done in just a weekend than I have since then Blum 3 haha. I just need a push and accountability. hmmm Smile ill go read the board again. Have had a busy night tonight. About to go to bed.

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There are stickies at the top of the POBLC board to sign up.

These are the basic rules:
Points Challenge

All check-ins must be reported by a team leader in alphabetical order according to username. Where there is no leader, or no leader is available, any team member may post the points. With the increasing number of participants for these challenges, it is important for it to run as smoothly as possible. The check-ins will need to be in by 11 pm EST on Tuesdays.

If an individual fails to check in two times during the challenge, that person will be removed by admin. Teams will be disqualified if they miss checking in any two weeks, not necessarily consecutively. If you have members who have failed to check in with you, put a 0 next to their name and get the points posted.

The Rules:

The points are tallied daily and do not carry over to the next day or throughout the week.

Exercise Points
1 points per 10 minutes of exercise. This must be an actual form of exercise - walking, running, biking, swimming, weight training, cardio machines, etc. This does not include just normal daily house cleaning. There is a limit of 12 points per day for activity.

Water Points
1 point per cup (8 oz/236 ml) of water.10 points max...1/2 can be calorie free, caffeine free drinks ie. tea not sweetened, diet sierra mist etc.

Support Points
1 point for each day you check in with your team. This does not mean typing "checking in." This means that you say something about your day, or something to encourage or support your fellow teammate(s). This should include at least 2 personal messages to a fellow teammate each day.

Food Points
5 points for every day you eat within your plan. Whether you're following an actual diet plan (like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, SlimFast, etc.) or simply following basic healthy eating guidelines, you will earn for sticking to it. If you go slightly off plan you will get 3 points. If you totally blow your day 0 points.

Breakfast point
You can now add a point each day for eating breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast helps with weight loss so this will be beneficial to everyone!

Extra points
you can earn a bonus point each day for logging your points (that way the leader can add the points for the week if you happen to not check in) This needs to be done within 24 hours which means you can post your Monday points on Tuesday etc.

Bonus Points: Those who are committed enough to check in every week will receive 10 extra points at the end of the challenge. This will be added by admin.

Mini-challenges: Mini-challenges are a new part of this challenge. Most mini-challenges will take place over the course of a week. Some will be longer, but they will add additional points to your individual/team totals. A new thread will be posted for each individual mini-challenge with instructions. Most mini-challenges will be worth 10 points per individual

Weight Challenge

Initial weigh-in is required by Tuesday at 9pm eastern/6pm pacific. Weekly weigh-ins required by each Tuesday at 9pm EST/6pm PST throughout the challenge. If you miss two consecutive weigh-ins, you will be removed. Also, if you miss the final weigh-in, you will be removed. You may also participate in the points challenge, but you are responsible to post your own weight on the weigh-in thread each week in addition to posting points with your team.

We are keeping the weight challenge short and sweet!

You can choose to do both challenges, or just one or the other. I hope that helps explain!

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I do both challenges and have for a very long time. I've fallen off the wagon many times, just ask my team! Lol But, it is a great place for support and a reminder of what you are shooting for.

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can i ask how much weight you have lost by doing it? Smile i was lurking once on there and saw some big changes in some ladies. it was great and inspiring! i wish more people would do that Biggrin

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I've lost 15 pounds over 4 challenges. This is the first that I didn't drop any weight (but in my defense, it DID help me maintain despite some major stress and time consuming stuff). So, really I've lost 5 pounds over each 8 weeks. Smile

I'm proud of that! And hope that this challenge I'll do it again!