Bird Brained! :D

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Bird Brained! :D

I've been making a lot of bird cards lately!! Blum 3 Here are a few...

My personal favorite.

I added eyeballs, because I thought they looked cute. LOL

And I've made lots of blank ones to add greetings as a I need them.

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your birds are too cute! the love bird is great, and I love the added eyes. great cards!

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I love the love bird card. I laughed out loud at the name. (i'm such a dork)
I have that same cardstock the xoxo but have not used it yet cause it is so busy. Your card looks great with just using a small piece of it. I will have to try that.

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Those are so cute!

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Lol Those are cute!

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You always find the greatest stamps and you are so creative with them! Great cards!

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Adorable! I LOVE the eyeballs!

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Thanks for all the sweet compliments! Biggrin

Tialee, I've had that kisses and hugs paper for along time too, and never could use it because it IS so busy, but it works well in little pieces.

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Is that the bird stamp from the Martha Stewart collection at Wal-Mart? I think I saw something like that.

I really like your cards. So cute and simple. Well done!

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It's an Autumn Leaves stamp:

I have had it for a while, but just started really liking it.

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Very cute Charys.

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those are super cute Biggrin

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Those are to cute!

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Those are great!!!