Birth Announcement and Baby Thanks

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Birth Announcement and Baby Thanks

I made these as a 4x8. Simple and easy, but I really liked them.

And thank-you's for gifts and meals we received

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Those are really cute!!

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very nice! I love the little clothesline!

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The birth announcement is perfect and the thank you is adorable. Is that a stamp or sticker on top of the onesie? Very cute!

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The birth announcement is great. Everyone will love it. Nice card too. I love the onsie cut!

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i really like the thank you card! very adorable!

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very cute! love the announcement, he looks like he's a fighter. Wink and the thank you is adorable!

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Love them both! The onesie on the clothesline is so cute.

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Love the clothesline!

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The thank you is a stamp from stampin' up.

Thanks ladies!

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Oh, that TY card is so great!!! LOVE that! You are really doing so much fun stuff with your cards. And of course that announcement is adorable too. TFS

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cute cute cute! You did a great job with both of these!

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Both are awesome, I really like the announcement - simple is sometimes sooooo much better with the subject matter (which is his cute little face!)

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The sweet, simpleness of the announcement is perfect! very cute!
and I love the thank yous!

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those are both so cute...but I especially love the thank yous! I will have to remember that idea for a baby card!