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Birth LO

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I might add some more journalling to the bottom of the second page. The lines on the paper are just calling to me. Wink

Next LO will be her first month.

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Great job. I have those same papers, and you are giving me lots of ideas! LOVE the journaling!

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Oh my goodness! What a sweetie! I love her birth announcement included!

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hehe I made DH order a few extra for me to have for artsie things and to keep.

Not to mention the story behind that picture...she slept thru it ALL. Changing into the outfit, taking the picture, being passed around by the nurses, getting changed out of it, and put back in the bassinet. The nurses were in awe at her sleep ability. LOL

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Love them!!! TFS!:D

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awww it looks great! I love the birth announcement! I am working on my son's birth story now too and you are giving me some great ideas! Smile

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Those are beautiful pages!!

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awww... too cute! I love scrapbooking such wonderful memories! (your handwriting looks exactly like mine! - WeiRd!) Lol

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Awww, her birth announcement was so cute. I love that you included it. The colors on your pages are great. Good job.

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Hmmm, I could have sworn I replyed to this, but I guess not.?? Anyways, I love these! So nice and elegant!!