Birth of a new board Announcement!

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Birth of a new board Announcement!

There is a new board that just opened today here on This board is to work hand and hand with the photography board and maybe the Scrapbooking board. I am waiting to hear from another individual to see if she accepts being a host on it too. Currently, only one host is listed, but that will not remain the case for long (I hope.)

Anyway, The board is a Digital Editing board. It is all about Digital editing. To help with those tweaking of photos, working with your programs and getting to know them well, to Artsy creations. You can share your work, ask for help... yadda, yadda, yadda.

That will help the photography board stay focussed on just that - Photography.

Scrapbooking can then focus on Scrapbooking.

Getting to know your programs for enhancing your abilities in those fields can then be done on our digital editing board!!! Yahoo

Come join us and get this board rolling!

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Yeah, I'm so glad this went through! Smile

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oh, that's very cool!!! I will have to check that out. Smile

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yay! I'm excited for this!! Biggrin

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Thank you Cindy! That board will be a great help.

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I'm gonna go check it out! Smile