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Birth Story LO

Bonus LOs from the challenges:

I at one time had a birth story all written out, but when our computer crashed last summer it was lost. I've been envious of those of you who had scrapped your birth stories! So I thought I would write one now, even though it's two years later.

Here's the journaling. Most of you know that Caleigh was a preemie since I've posted lots of NICU pages, so here is some details of our story if you want to take the time to read it:

I've sat down to write out our story so many times. It is not an easy story for me to tell because it focuses so much on me and the ways that my body failed in this part of our journey. But it is OUR story nonetheless.
Despite some early concerns, this pregnancy was very easy on me. I didn't experience morning sickness and had very few aches or pains. On Feb 28th, at 32 weeks along, that all changed. After trying to cure what seemed like a stomach ache for several days, we headed to labor and delivery to get checked out. I was admitted for monitoring and given fluids and some medication. I was discharged to go get an ultrasound at the doctor's office. We were excited to confirm that you were a girl when all our other ultrasounds were inconclusive! However, by the time the ultrasound was completed, my blood work had come back. I was re-admitted immediately and told by Dr. Wotherspoon that I had HELLP syndrome and pre-eclampsia. HELLP only occurs in about .2% of pregnancies and complications can be severe. Because our local hospital is small and couldn't handle possible complications, I was sent via ambulance to the hospital in Dubois. I rode alone and Dad went back home to get supplies for both of us. He joined me a few hours later.
I spent a week on full bed rest and was watched closely by the nurses. I had daily ultrasounds, blood draws several times a day, and was hooked up to mag sulfate drips several times. My I.V.s kept collapsing, and one day the nurses (and even the anesthesiologist) tried a dozen sites trying to get a new line started. I would have to have a PIC line put in.
We waited and asked people to pray for all three of us. There was not much we could do except trust that God was taking care of us. People around the world were praying!
Our waiting ended on the morning of Tuesday March 6th when the doctor walked in and told us that “today is a good day to have a baby.” I was scheduled to have a c-section shortly after noon. I was prepped, the doctor was ready, the NICU nurses were on hand, your Dad was waiting, and finally it was time. I was not awake for the procedure and they almost forgot to call your Dad back into the room! Dad watched all of it and told me that the only thing that was blocking his view was the doctor's elbow.
You entered the world at 12:57 on Tuesday March 6th, 2007. You weighed 3 pounds 6.5 ounces and were 15.75 inches long. You scored remarkable apgars of 8 and 9 for a baby born 7 weeks early! You were sent down to the NICU and hooked up to monitors, but you didn't need any breathing assistance.
I wasn't able to meet you until after I was awake from the anesthesia. And you didn't have a name until your Dad and I could both meet you and see which name fit. You were definitely Caleigh Grace!
I spent 5 days in the hospital, but you would stay 19. Dad and I could only stay some of the time at the hospital because it was 2 hours away. The hospital arranged a hotel room for us 4 days out of every week. Those moments apart were very difficult. You needed to grow stronger and bigger before they would release you – they told us not before you reached 4 pounds. On Sunday March 25th you were 3 pounds 15.5 ounces and came home! What a wonderful day!
Our story continues day by day and we love discovering where this journey will take us!

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That story is amazing, Beth! I'm so glad you scrapped it, and you did it beautifully! Inspires me to scrap mine!

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What an amazing story! I had never thought about scrapping the birth story.

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I love how you scrapped the birth story. So nicely done!

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beautiful pages and what a wonderful story hun Biggrin And yay for March 25th! (dh's bday too lol)

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Those all look lovely! Smile

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I agree that those are all great. I too am inspired by your birth story page. It's beautiful Beth.

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those pages are great! and the birth story is amazing!

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What a fantastic idea to scrap your birth story. Love what you did with all the pages!

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I love the birth story page! It's beautiful! All of them are cute! Smile

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Lovely pages!! Great birth story!

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Great way to document your story. Very touching.

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cute bath page! and I LOVE that you did the birth story, even two years later. it turned out to be an awesome layout!

I love how you did the stitch frames with the sandbox layout, cute!

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