Birth story LOs

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Birth story LOs

I wrote my birth story right after Brody was born, so all I had to do was cut and paste it into the LOs. Blum 3

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great job ! Biggrin

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My goodness! That is a whirlwind of a day! There is one typo at 12pm it says think instead of thin I believe.

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Good work on getting it all on paper...shew!! Smile

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that's great that you scrapbooked this! I love how you are all smiles in the first pic and not so much in the second! Lol How true of labor! I walked in the hospital all smiling and the nurse takes one look at me and goes "you are FAR from having that baby hun"! HAHAHA Boy, was she ever right!

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That is awesome. I'm glad you had it all done just after the birth so it was fresh in your mind.

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that's awesome, I love how you did this LO with the pictures and story. Smile