birthday card and layout..

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birthday card and layout..

I am proud of this card. You all know how hard it can be to make masculine cards. My brother in law is a huge Red Sox fan so I think he will like this. His birthday is next week.

Oh and I used markers with the Cricut to do the Happy Birthday part. I like how it turned out. I could have used stamps for it, but I really wanted to try out the markers.

and this is a challenge layout from another board. I had to incorporate song lyrics somewhere into the page. The journaling says "Then they do is a song by Trace Adkins. I cry every time I hear it. I know that Jamie & Allie will grow up one day, but I won't be ready."

Those were not an exaggeration either. I cry every single time I hear that song. I will never be ready for my babies to grow up!!

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Aww, that song makes me all teary-eyed too! I can not believe how fast these kiddos grow...anyway, beautiful LO! I love that you are in lots of pictures with your little ones...I don't like the way I look in pictures, but I have VERY few pictures of me and the girls.

And great job on the masculine card. I know he will love it.

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That man's card rocks. Great idea...and way to use the markers. I've GOT tp get mine back out and play with them, because I love the way your card looks.

I love every detail of the layout. The sewing, title, buttons, everything...and awesome song too!

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I haven't heard that song yet but I will check it out tonight Smile I love the layout though! And the card is perfect Biggrin

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Using markers with a cricut?? WHAT? Fill a sista in! LOL!

Great card! LOVE IT!!! (It helps that I am a red sox fan too! Wink )

And awesome layout! I am like that everytime I hear In My Daughters Eyes. Sigh.. why do they have to grow up so fast?

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I LOVE the lo you made, very eye-catching! That card looks fun as well, great job! I didn't know cricut colors for you, too! Man, I really need to get that thing out of the box!

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Great card Angie! Bet he'll love it!
Great LO too!! I have never heard that song but have plenty like it myself. That make me cry I mean. Smile

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Okay the picture you used on the layout is just so precious. And just an overall great page.

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cool card ... but I'd like it better with Yankee colors. ha ha ha ha but really, I think it's terrific!

I don't know the song you're talking about, but I certainly know the sentiment. beautiful layout (mainly because that's just a wonderful and tender moment captured in the picture to go with the song). Love it!

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Those are great! LOVE the card! What a neat way to lay it all out!

That pic is pefect for the LO! Well done!

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aww!! how cute that you scrapped that memory of the song!! your gonna look back on that in 10 years and still cry...

GO SOX!!!!! love the card!

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Love the card! Man cards are so hard! I love the name Benji. Is is his real Benjamin, or is it just Benji?

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His real name is Benjamin, but we call him Benji. I have a hard time associating him with the name Benjamin though. He is either Ben or Benji to me lol.