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Birthday pages

Before I let myself make a challenge page, I wanted to get these pictures done. The pages are really nothing special. Mostly just a collage of pictures - always what happens with Andrea's parties because I want to scrap so many pictures. Anyway, I'm happy to have done them. The kit is When you Wish by A+ Designs.

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I am the same way with birthday photos. You did a great job with adding so many.

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I agree with Tia, those LOs are so great. I love how you added all the pics and yet it all blends so well and is so easy on the eye. And what a great party! Looks like so much fun!

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I really love that princess! Great job on these...I always think it's hard to scrap celebrations/holidays.

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Very cute!

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I could have sworn I replied to this post! I love the princess theme, just so cute! Looks like such a fun birthday!

On another note, I have a scraplift folder on my computer (I think most of us probably do, right?), and I was going through it yesterday. I have a photograph of Andrea from when she was about 2 saved in there. I liked the pose, and wanted to remember it for when I was taking pictures of my girls. So when I saw it yesterday, it just blew my mind how much she's grown since then. Time just FLIES, doesn't it?

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We just had a princess party too! I may have to steal some of your ideas when I get around to doing the LO. Smile I know what you mean about having so many pictures of an event, but I think you did a great job with these!!!