birthday presents!!!!! UPDATE!

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birthday presents!!!!! UPDATE!

hey girls, I won't have time to reply today but I will be back on tomorrow. It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already got presents!!!!! Oh and the sweetest card from dh. I am at my mil's house so I will post tomorrow but had to share my excitment!!!!

Here's what I got so far, and I say that cause I still get presents from my parents and my 5 sisters!!!!! Dh and I are going out for dinner and drinks tonight with my sister and her dh (my best friend) I can't wait and my mom is watching our 9 kids so we can go!
Okay back to what I got...
new heels!!!!!! very cute!
4 new shirts, I bought this shirt last month and loved it so I got one in every color lol!
2 new bras and matching undies (from my mil she's kinda funny like that lol)
and new capri's very cute I love them. I kept saying I have no clothes so I think that is why I got some. What a great bday so far!!! Okay dh is calling me debbie downer and telling me to come outside lol it is going to be 80 today which rocks since it snowed 3 days ago! catch up with you all soon Smile

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Have a great birthday and enjoy the nice weather. And show off the matching undies and bra to DH.

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Happy Birthday hunnie! Sounds like you are already getting loads of nice things!:D

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Happy Birthday!! Have fun tonight!

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Posts: 4065 get LOTS for your b-day! That's great! Have a super day...drink one for me. Smile

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Happy Birthday Tia!!! hope you have a great night out with no kiddies!!!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tia!!!!!! Sounds like you've had a great day so far!! How fun to get some new clothes! Have a great time tonight...I know you will. Biggrin

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happy birthday tia!!

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Yay I love new clothes. Happy birthday Tia.

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Happy Birthday Tia!!!! It sounds like you're having an incredible day. You forgot to add the Archivers trip and news on Anthony to that list. Smile

I have to laugh because you MIL and mine sound alike in many ways. Mine bought me pregnoirs and lingerie to take on the honeymoon. Seriously... my MIL bought me naughty things for her son to see me in. Whoa!

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Happy Birthday Tia! Hope you have a great day!!

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happy birthday! and hooray for great stuff!

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Happy Birthday Tia! Have fun!

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Thanks everyone, I had a great day. we went out while my mom watched the kids and since she slept over she told us to go out to breakfast this morning!!! With no kids again:) so my bday even went till today. I ended up getting cards and moola so I am saving it for archivers whenever I get a chance to go. Then after breakfast Anthony was dying to spend his bday money, his party is in two weeks but dh and I gave him 150.00 to spend in a card. He was very happy! So we were shopping. He spent it all in about 10 minutes:eek: but he got little things for his brothers and sister Smile his idea.
IN all it was a great day night and morning. Thanks everyone for the wishes:) I will post pics as soon as I find my camera cord:)

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Sounds like you had an awesome day! How sweet that your sons spent some of his money on his younger siblings.

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what a great birthday!

and don't tell Andrew about the $150 for Anthony, he'd die! Lol That was so sweet of Anthony to buy things for his siblings too, what a good kid!

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what a fabulous time Biggrin

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Happy belated birthday! Im glad you had a great time! What a sweet boy you have to think of his brothers and sister!

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Happy Birthday! Sounds like it's been good so far! Smile