A bit disappointed (OT)

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A bit disappointed (OT)

A bit disappointed with our family pics. Not the pics themselves, but I really think she over-photoshopped them. At least some of them, that she shared on her blog. I guess unless you know us you won't be able to tell, but I wanted pics that resembled who we are. Sure, I don't want that massive zit on my chin, but I think she went a bit too far in 'smoothing out' our faces, and she did something to dh to make him look super skinny compared to what he actually looks like.

I wish I could ask for the original digital files to photoshop them myself lol I love the shots she got, but the photoshopping is bugging me.

Here are the ones she shared on her blog:

I love this one. Favorite of the bunch, and it is sooooo my dd, she is always serious.

This one I really love the shot, but none of us (even Miss K) look anything like ourselves. I look like some sort of alien.

I like this one - still don't look like ourselves, but a bit better

This is the one I already shared:

I like this one, but you can't see us

This one is cute, but not sure I'd want it on my wall sort of thing

She will have more for us on a private gallery, but I'm just disappointed. Not sure if I'm just being silly or what. What do you think?

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Trina, you have every right to ask her to tone back the processing on any and all of them. Don't wait to tell her, tell her NOW. She might still be working on the rest for your private gallery. She'd rather know now than to have you disappointed in her work. Tell her everything you just told us, don't hold back. YOU paid HER, you're the client. You have to be satisfied. Trust me, as a photographer, I'd want to know exactly the things you're telling us.

And I do get what you're saying, I can see the skin smoothing just in these smaller versions.

But I ADORE that first shot of Kaitlyn!

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I had the same problem with the last person who did Wy's photos for his birthday. She adjusted the photos so much that he almost looked weird. I asked her for the unedited photos because of my digi scraping and she was totally fine with it. She game me one disk of edited and one of originals.

Hopefully she will tone it down a bit for the ones not on her blog.

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I agree with others that you paid for it, you should be happy. And how can she fix it if she doesn't know? We just had family pics done too. I love how ours came out. GL girl.

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I totally agree with Gwen 500%. If you like some of the edited see if she will give u those and the unedited or just tone back the ones u didn't like. Definitely you paid for her work and you should be really happy with it.

Overall I love the shots, the way you were posed, location etc, your expressions. But I agree the editing needs to be toned back.