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blah day

this has to be one of the most boring days of my life. lol. I thought I would enjoy a day with the house to myself so I could get some cleaning, scrapbooking, and exercising done in think I did any of that ? Nope...instead I've sat around here doing absolutely nothing for hours and hours but surfing the web and my "lunch" consisted of a bag of m&ms and a root beer. LMAO ...Luckily I had been out twice this morning before Wayne woke up or I'd be more ashamed at my laziness today. You know what though? The second time I went out (I forgot the letters I needed to mail at home) I went all dizzy on my way out of the post office in the mall and fell on the lottery stand ! :eek: I was so embarassed I practically ran out of there once the dizziness went away. lol...stinkin bosses making me come in when they are all sick...I'm probably coming down with something. If I was in the U.S I'd make them foot my doctors bill. lol

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Yikes. I hope the fainting thing wasn't anything too serious...
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive Lol

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Bummer!!! I hope tomorrow is better for you.

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sorry that your day was so boring....
hopefully today will be better