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Blog question

I am thinking of jumping on the blog bandwagon and I have a question. It's probably more for the digi scrappers, but maybe not. I wanted to know if I can use any digi materials to make my blog header or does it have to be commercial stuff?

This blog stuff is so confusion, maybe in the next decade I will get it all figured out.

Thanks Smile

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I don't digi scrap, but I'd love to know the same thing as well. I have a boring, generic header on my blog and would love to get creative.

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You can use anything as long as you give them proper credit somewhere (ie on the side panel or something, or link it to a gallery where you have it for the credits).

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I would say as long as you aren't making money off your blog, then it would qualify as personal use. Like Trina said, I would give credit somewhere since it's posted publicly.

Good luck setting up the blog!

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I agree with PP Smile

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