Bloggers out there?

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Bloggers out there?

Do you blog?

If so, I'd love to add you to my blog. I'm JUST starting out, but am having fun along the way. My blog address is in my siggy. Smile

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Great blog Charys! LOVE those cards on there. And thanks for instructions on how to make them. Smile

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I do. Adding you to mine Smile Mine is in my siggy as well!

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Mine is here - it DESPERATELY needs to be updated (maybe that'll be today's project!) ...

Going to blog hop now! Smile

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Yahoo another blog to add to my list! Mine is in my siggy. I will check yours out later.

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hello ladies!! I've been seriously thinking of starting a blog....I think I just might do that now that i've seen this post. Thanks for the reminder Charys I totally forgot.

Hope u all are having a wonderful day.

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I have a blog but it's got nothing to do with scrapping.

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I have 1 but don't update it very often.

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I started a blog, but that's about it. One day soon I hope to keep it better updated.

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I have a blog ... that being said, it's been sitting idle for many many months. LOL I don't blog anymore, I just don't have time. And I'm a lame blogger anyway.

I'll have to be better at peeking at your blog when I have time (I just looked now, love the transparency cards!)

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Ok, I've got you all added! Have LOVED reading your blogs! YAY, I've finally joined the blogging crowd. Wink LOL, now if I can just keep it updated.

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I would love to do a blog, but can barely keep up with Andrea's web page. In fact, the main page is sorely overdue for some new pics, etc. Oh well, at least I keep up with journal and photos for the most part. If you want to go to Andrea's page, it is Andrea's website

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That's a cute webpage Stephanie!

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Here's mine, but it's definately a work in progress:

It's based off of this site, but more for my friends/customers that aren't on here.

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LOL Charys, about your busy guy in the other room while you were painting!
You inspired me to finish the trim in our room.... or maybe not... lol

oh, and my blog is in my siggy!

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i just started a blog today b/c dh suggested i keep track of some stuff....

i might eventually put some scrapbooking stuff up there or do another blog just for scrapping.

here's the link ne way

now off to check out everyone else's blogs