The Bluest Eyes digi LO *FINISHED*

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The Bluest Eyes digi LO *FINISHED*

Journaling says The Bluest Eyes In Nebraska
and "Arwen, age 4"
I "cut out" her blue eyes, made the picture black & white, then added the blue colored eyes back on top & merged the layers down Smile

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i don't think it needs anything but personally i'd separate the pictures more and have the title in the middle, not overlapping the pictures... but it looks great!!! Smile

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How'd you get the pics to curl like that? Those are sweet.

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I love it! Great job with the selective coloring.

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Overall I really, really like it. I'm big on the b/w with the eye color showing through - especially on blue eyed children - very cool.

My only question - the curl on the photos looks a little odd. After looking at it I see that the picture is supposed to curl up on those corners but the photograph for some reason doesn't "go" with that - like it didn't curl but just distorted a little. Does that make sense? I hope I didn't offend by saying something - it's force of habit I guess - I used to work with lots of graphic designers and spent lots of time looking at many different layouts.

At any rate, I think this is fabulous! You are very talented.

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I love it! The color of her eyes stands out perfectly, esp. since that is what you were trying to capture. You have a lot of talent and creativity.

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TY everyone! I am glad you think it looks OK!
I do not know how to actually make the photo "curl" :? I am working with paint shop as a just dont have the money for Photoshop right now. If there is a way to make the actual photo "curl" in PSP I would love to know! I just fit them into the pre curled frames. Please let me know if there is a way to do this Smile
I am glad you like the color selection, for some reason one of her eyes looks "bluer" than the other but I think it was the way the light was hitting them Smile

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Very nice. I like it!

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I LOVE doing selective coloring. You did a very good job on it! WTG! I like the colors of the LO.

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Very nice job! It is a beautiful layout!!

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that is a neat page!!!!! I love how you were able to isolate her eyes like that (I'm a HUGE fan of selective colorization like that)