bowling LO's

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bowling LO's

Journaling on the first page reads: "Mommy wanted to spend some “girl” time together. So you and I spent the afternoon bowling! Mommy helped you roll the ball down the lane, but for the last frame, I let you roll it yourself. You gave it your all, but that pink ball didn’t seem to have enough umph to make it down all the way! Mommy had to ask for some assitance so we could finish up the game. You were such a good sport Cadence!!"

Second page journaling: "You seemed to really enjoy bowling with mommy! Your final score was a 111!! (Not too bad for a first-timer!) Wink You thought the bowling shoes were the coolest thing and you were very sad when we returned them. After we had our fun, you enjoyed a delicious lunch from the snack shop (you shared so wonderfully with mommy). I can’t wait to go bowling with you again!"

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Very cute!!! Love the half bowling pin that holds up the pictures!

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Great pages! I really like the second one with the pictures hanging off the bowling pin. The bowling embellishments on the first one are great too.

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Great job!! I love how you used the arrow on the first page!

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I love the bowling pin with the pictures hanging down too. They're both fab and the journalling is sweet! Biggrin

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Another gorgeous LO from you. What a sweet memory to scrap too.

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Great pages! I really like that you did purple and pink instead of red, white, and black. The pages totally reflect the bowling theme, but with some super cuteness added. I, too, love the bowling pin with the photos hanging down!

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I agree, I love the bowling pin holding up the pictures on the second page. And great job with the shadows on the 'bent' corner of the picture on the first page.

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Awesome LO, I love how you pointed to the stuck bowling ball! The colors are great and you did a great job on journaling the whole thing!

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hehehe adorable! your daughter is adorable with that red hair of hers!!!!!

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What cute LOs Linda. And I too loved to read the journaling. Looking forward to days like that with my daughter. Smile

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I can't take complete credit for the hanging bowling pin frame... that was a freebie - but i did change the colors of the frame to match the first page. Smile

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Very nice! I like how you took pics of the scoreboard! Biggrin What a fun day out!

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I agree with Beth - I love the white/pink/purple combo for this page. And the arrow drew my eye right to the ball, which I may have missed without it. Awesome job!

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Your MOJO must really be working cause you have been cranking out some great pages! Love the stuck bubble!!!