brad crazy!

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brad crazy!

while browsing the clearance aisle at walmart - I found regular brass office brads on sale for 25 cents for a box of 100! I bought every box they had... LOL there were only 9... but that's 900 brads for $2.25. I couldn't pass that up... yeah they're plain, but they can be dressed Smile I have rubons called bradwear that are specifically meant for regular office brads like that.

Also, could I just paint them with acryllic???

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That is a great buy! I have no idea how to use them, so I'm not much help about painting or not.

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I have only used the brads that are already colored. I would love to hear how painting them works out. I have never heard of bradwear. I will have to look into it. Sounds like fun.

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Those are good questions, I don't know.

But wow, 900 for 2.25. Awesome deal!!!!

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I've never used brads! :? Teach me how. Do I need a special tool? That price sounds really good! Congrats on the great buy.

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Great buy!

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Babybellam --

i'm at work but I can show you tonight, if you are willing to do a PM.

I live on the East Coast, so I'm on EST time. Only tool you need is a paper piercer, and if you don't have one of those a sharp needle will work too, or even a really sharp pencil.

These are what the basic ones look like. If you look close you can see the long fastner behind them, you stick that part through the paper and then you just fasten it to the paper.

I can show you some examples tonight.

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i love brads! what a great find! i always browse the office supply section to see what i can use for scrapbooking! can't wait to see what you do with them!